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Psychic Side-kick

Posted on 2007.01.26 at 05:01
Welcome back to the triumphant return of StephenTown Radio!  This season will be even two-ier!  In order to hear the program, click here, then skip to 29:26 in the hour-long file for the start of the brand-new season.  As always, you have until roughly February 1st to download the file.  After that, you can add all sorts of reverb, echo and phlangers to make my gospel-truth sound even more divine.

Today's show was in response to an article from the January 22nd issue of The Arthur titled, "Picking a Psychic, The Guide for Dummies and University Students".  In the show, I heroically defend and support the wisdom of the article, and call out all challengers to this clearly caring, compassionate and above all, honest industry.  

Transcripts are available, free of charge, and helps cure heartburn.   


Voter Die!

Posted on 2006.11.17 at 05:11
Hola, citizens of StephenTown City!   Today's show featured my innovative and brilliant propositions for voting reform on how to get the most out of our democracy. As always, StephenTown Radio starts at the second half of the hour-long mp3 file, and you have roughly 7-8 days to download your copy while Google has yet to buy me out, and charge you money.  

Keep listening, keep feeling, and stop thinking.


The House is on fire.

Posted on 2006.11.09 at 23:29
aye, T'was a sad day on lake woebegone, as the left-wing of the endangered bird known as Democracy as regurgitated its control over the Senate, Congress, and most of the state governorships.  In todays show, I came upon some striking news stories and talked about them.  I'm sorry if I don't have the usual zazz I normally have.  Its hard to be energetic and spirited when all the spirit and energy has been voted out of me.  The next two years are going to be long and depressing.  Hopefully Stephen Harper can re-inspire me when the Liberals' new leader collapses his party from within.

As always, my show starts at the half-way point of the hour-long mp3 file.



Guns 4 Canadiuns

Posted on 2006.11.03 at 00:03
Calling the citizenry of StephenTown City: The triumphant return to the airwaves of StephenTown Radio can be heard in the second half of this file.  In it, I tackle the anti-gun lobby, and reiterate the purpose of the show.  The counter-revolution has begun, and StephenTown City has been founded!  

Join the banner, and become a citizen!  Who wants in?


CANCELLED (for one week)

Posted on 2006.10.26 at 15:24
Bad news, truth seekers. In what I suspect is an act of sabbotage, my 2005 hummer broke down during an autograph-signing through Central Ontario. As a result today's episode of StephenTown Radio is CANCELLED.

I guaruntee no.....I promise that these perpeTRAITORS will be caught and dealt with accordingly. No photo-shop'd amalgamation of two socialist leaders will keep the truth off the air.

So, Vive la Status Quo!

Posted on 2006.10.19 at 21:35
The latest episode of Stephentown Radio can be downloaded here for one week. The show starts at the second half of hour long file. Today saw the premiere of a new weekly segment, "The Savage Truth".

We're sorry, but our princess is in another truth-castle!


The walking dead

Posted on 2006.10.13 at 06:25
The latest episode of StephenTown Radio can be downloaded for one week.  On this show, I had scientician, and self-proclaimed, "Zombie-ologist", Harry Chandler (no relation), and I tear him a new one. (He needed a new one, having torn his old one by pulling his analysis out of it).

My show has been proven by Danish and Nordic scientists to increase ones sexual appetite.  If it fails for you, please, see a physician immediatley.

The Maple-Leaf Forever!
Posted on 2006.10.12 at 16:42
To all my fellow middle/upper-middle class citizens of Canada: INVEST!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is reaching record levels, and is nearing 12,000!   Now is a time to liquidate your stocks in Wal-Mart and McDonald's, and buy oil stocks, which have dropped to their lowest levels since Dec/05!  It is very important that you work to ensure the survival of your disposable income, as there are so few of us left.  

This drop in oil stocks has created for me, a whole new hobby.  Before I simply dumped gasoline into comunity gardens and childrens playgrounds and pretty much anything green and beautiful.  Now, not only can I ruin the habitats of countless species of lazy birds, fish, and mammals who have been mooching off our generous parks programe, but I can use the gasoline to aid in the ignition of tire-fires.  Hopefully the smoke from these fires will overcome the smoke being blown by Al Gore. 

Time is running out!  Get in your Hummer/Navigator/Escalade and drive to your stock broker and buy up as much of Haliburton and Chevron as you can!  Spend every last dollar you can dispose of.  Buy stocks on margain if you can....what could possibly go wrong???  Besides the air you breathe and the water you drink, there is practically no downfall!  Only windfall....profits, that is.  

On a side note, the issue of former congressman Mark Foley retiring for less-than-savoury reasons....well, I'll discuss that on the show.  

Tune in!


StephenTown Radio, episode 102

Posted on 2006.10.05 at 18:58
The latest episode of StephenTown Radio is ready for download! (for one week).  As with before, the show begins at 31:19 in the hour-long file.

Listen, learn, and praise me for having the courage to say what everyone is thinking.


Injuns, red-skins, Indian-Canadians

Posted on 2006.10.04 at 01:23

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, truth-seekers, and I have to admit, I'm a little upset.  Why is it that a non religious holiday is treated like one?  Why does it get the status of a statutory holiday?  I'll tell you why:  liberals.  It was liberal labour policies that forced Canadian companies into loosing a day of productivity and contribution to the free market, or otherwise are today forced to pay exorbitant wages to their employees who are only too happy to spend a day earning money to put food on their table, instead of staying at home with their families eating said food that might be on the table.

Since this holiday is non-religious, I propose a few amendments: 

1) Not being tied down to a specific day of Jesus significance (or, Jesnificance), Thanksgiving should be able to adopt to the ever-changing world we find ourselves in.  I am thankful for our Prime Minster, and I stand behind him, as he valiantly stands behind President George W. Bush.  Since the rules changed on 9/11, we need to show our solidarity with our neighbours to the south.  So lets stop this pretentious "October" holiday, and meld it with the American holiday.  This way, labour losses will be on the same day, hence, lessening cross-border confusion in the TSE and NYSE.  Also, that staple of Canadian debauchery, the Long Weekend will be killed with this new fandangled Thursday holiday.  But more importantly, we can support our Commander-in-Chief as he supports a foreign Commander-in-Chief.

2) Haven't we been saying "thanks" long enough?  Sure, I understand that our English and French pioneering fore-bearers were lost in a wilderness that, although divinely granted, was nonetheless harsh and unforgiving.  I understand that they needed assistance from an indigenous people that were absent in the knowledge that God granted this land to the Europeans.  But it's been several centuries!  Isn't it time WE stopped saying thanks and THEY started saying it???  As my personal hero, Morpheus, said, "History, it seems, is not without a sense of irony".  After all, it is OUR welfare system and employment insurance and "pro-active" preferential hiring policies that now help THEM to survive!  I say that their gratitude is the LEAST we should be demanding of them!

3) But you know, just to show that I'm not that cynical, maybe they don't have to thank us.  Maybe we can change our tone by changing the name.  Instead of THANKSgiving, lets call it FORgiving.  Indeed, I think it's time that we, the descendants of European beneficiaries of this great continent should get off our high horse and forgive the indians.  Lets let bygones be bygones and forgive them for blaming the firewater when they murdered our daughters, burned Sainte Marie Among the Hurons (the first time), and opportunistically signed land treaties that the British were clearly unable to uphold in the long run.  Lets all remember, that the savages were TAMED!  Surely we can forgive them for their trespasses, as they forgave those who trespassed against them (I think that's how it goes).  So, to all my fellow sons of Europe, lets all go to the nearest indian community (Caledonia or Kasheshewan), and buy them all a coke (or a blue light for those over the age of 12).  Just make sure you make reservations.

Tune in every Thursday at 3:30 pm EST for StephenTown Radio, 92.7fm or www.trentradio.ca

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