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A grand premiere, indeed!

Posted on 2006.09.28 at 17:25
The premiere episode of StephenTown Radio can be downloaded for one week only!  My show starts @ approx. 32:30 in the file.  I am still working on a way to shorten the file and post it here on LJ.  

The floodgates are open, and the victorious status quo shall soon be even "quo-er"  

Keep reading, keep listening, and keep feeling!


An open letter to Autumn...

Posted on 2006.09.22 at 15:58

Dear Autumn:

I'm not a fan of you.  I don't appreciate how no clothing is right for your days.  I wake up and leave the house thinking I should wear a scarf, and by mid-afternoon, I'm soaking in my own sweat.  Cold and damp, hot and dry, cool and brisk....you can't make up your mind about anything, even what you want people to call you: autumn or fall.  Which is it?  Noun or Verb?  You change your days and your ways so much you might as well be a flip-flopping liberal.

Sure you're pretty.  Your multi-hued landscapes are indeed candy for the eyes....until a gust of wind comes by, we're left with nothing but sticks to look at until Spring.  Like the liberals that run our media, it takes but a mere wafting breeze to remove the veil of populism and prettiness, and reveal the inside: all twigs, no berries.  At times, I have great difficulty in telling where you end, and Jack Layton begins.

So Autumn, Fall, or whatever moniker you're going by now, hurry up with your vernal equinox so I can enjoy the tranquilty of the winter solstice (but not in the way that the hippy-voo-doo-wiccans do). 

Posted on 2006.09.21 at 13:58
Well truth seekers, the time is nigh at hand. StephenTown Radio will begin its broadcast season Thursdays at 3:30 pm, 92.7 on the dial, or www.trentradio.ca on the interweb. Now that the show has been confirmed, let us now turn to events of today.

1) The state of California is suing auto manufacturers for CO2 emissions, which the west-coast liberals claim has damaged the environment and its citizens.  Firstly, I don't know how they can put their bongs and surfboards down long enough to tell that their health is suffering, but evidentally CO2-induced coughing is far worse than marijuana-induced smatterings of "you want a hit, bro?".  I suppose the suspicion is that CO2 coughing leads to harder compound gasses.  Secondly, I am staunchly against this action.  As if the auto-companies aren't in enough of a bind right now from foreign competors, California has to be the BIG MAN and kick them when they're down!  Real brave, California.  Looks like the hippy-dreamland envisioned by  Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi where no honest, American company is free to make money in a free-market economy.

2) The Wal-mart pharmeseutical wing of the company will be offering generic versions of brand-name perscription drugs.  This would bring the cost of a given perscription drug (say AdVair, which retails @ approx. $123.00 down to a mere $20.00).  I am very for this initiative.  Wal-Mart needs to do whatever it can to loosen the stranglehold of small-town pharmacy giants like Shoppers, Arcade Guardian, and I.D.A.  In addition, the pharmaseutical industry practically runs the American government (7 pharmeseutical lobbyists per 1 Congressman, 1.6 lobbyists per Senator).  But Then again, the pharmeseutical industry has always been the noble company, providing Canadians and Americans with lower blood pressure, and rock-hard 4-hour errections.   

So torn....Wal-Mart on one side, Pharmesutical giants on the other!   How can these two be fighting?  Wolverine shouldn't fight the Hulk!  I can only hope that Wal-Mart will begin producing generic drugs THROUGH the pharmeseutical giants.....that way, the free-market competion that got them to this point will finally cease, thereby allowing the two companies to conscientiously administer life-sexifying medicines to the wealthier class.  I'm glad I resolved this issue.

So until next thursday, stay tuned to StephenTown Radio LJ, where I will be posting shows as often as I get them.

All your base are belong to us....the truth.


Stephen Town Radio is (almost) on the air!

Posted on 2006.08.30 at 19:20
Welcome, dear readers and listeners. My upcoming radio show, "Stephen Town" will be airing in a few weeks (dates and times pending), so until then, I've decided to open this livejournal account on the interweb. This way, you can all know how I'm doing, and what I have to say.

This blog will contain links to download shows, links to news stories I mention on the air, and it will also tell the truth, in word form.

I will speak for the everyman (and even the everywoman). On this blog, your opinions will be heard, in the form of my opinions.

Stephen Town is dedicated to deconstructing and destabilizing the liberal-run media conglomerate which has unceremoniously aimed it's sniper rifle of lies at our leader, Stephen Harper. It will speak the right voice of Canada, which is, after all, the "right" voice. Anything other than the right wing, is the wrong wing.

That about does for this introduction to Stephen Town Radio. Check back often, for the truth will set you free. And by "truth", I mean me.

Keep it in the bun, Canada. Keep it in the bun.

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