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The walking dead

Posted on 2006.10.13 at 06:25
The latest episode of StephenTown Radio can be downloaded for one week.  On this show, I had scientician, and self-proclaimed, "Zombie-ologist", Harry Chandler (no relation), and I tear him a new one. (He needed a new one, having torn his old one by pulling his analysis out of it).

My show has been proven by Danish and Nordic scientists to increase ones sexual appetite.  If it fails for you, please, see a physician immediatley.


che_ghandi at 2006-10-13 14:25 (UTC) (Link)


No only did you still go on the air this week (dispite my repeaded verbal ass-kickings), but you actually found someone dumb enough to be a guest on your show! Oh by the way it's "sientist" not "sientician" but you wouldn't know that becuase you are so stupid just like your show. Dr. Chandler is a real sientist who belives in facts and doesn't just beleive whatever the bible tells him like you. I can't beleive how dumb you are
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