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Injuns, red-skins, Indian-Canadians

Posted on 2006.10.04 at 01:23


che_ghandi at 2006-10-05 20:06 (UTC) (Link)
I thought after i gave you a verbal ass-kicking last week that you would have stayed off the air this week, but I guess your as stupid and don't know when your beat.

Okay i won't even go there regarding the levy increase so youcan drive a hummer. there evil cars that polute and use too much gas you are a jerk. and a hummer isn't "squaller" even oif it's not the newest one. And dumping gas on gardens and playgrounds is just crewl and if i saw you do it i'd kick your ass and have you arrested!

And HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT BUDIZM ISN'T A REAL RELIGION? just because not everyone beleives in jesus like you doesn't mean it's not real. I can't get over how stupid you are!!1

And as for THANKSgiving i can't beleeve that you could possibley think that the Natives should be thanking white people they are the ones who deserve the thanks not forgiving!

And as far as church rules becoming gospel i don't belive in religion it is stupid and no good has ever come of it.

I know you are probabley feeling your ass hurt as you read this because of the further ass kicking and now maybe you'll realize how you are wrong and STAY OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!1 But you prolly won't because your stupid.

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