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Injuns, red-skins, Indian-Canadians

Posted on 2006.10.04 at 01:23

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, truth-seekers, and I have to admit, I'm a little upset.  Why is it that a non religious holiday is treated like one?  Why does it get the status of a statutory holiday?  I'll tell you why:  liberals.  It was liberal labour policies that forced Canadian companies into loosing a day of productivity and contribution to the free market, or otherwise are today forced to pay exorbitant wages to their employees who are only too happy to spend a day earning money to put food on their table, instead of staying at home with their families eating said food that might be on the table.

Since this holiday is non-religious, I propose a few amendments: 

1) Not being tied down to a specific day of Jesus significance (or, Jesnificance), Thanksgiving should be able to adopt to the ever-changing world we find ourselves in.  I am thankful for our Prime Minster, and I stand behind him, as he valiantly stands behind President George W. Bush.  Since the rules changed on 9/11, we need to show our solidarity with our neighbours to the south.  So lets stop this pretentious "October" holiday, and meld it with the American holiday.  This way, labour losses will be on the same day, hence, lessening cross-border confusion in the TSE and NYSE.  Also, that staple of Canadian debauchery, the Long Weekend will be killed with this new fandangled Thursday holiday.  But more importantly, we can support our Commander-in-Chief as he supports a foreign Commander-in-Chief.

2) Haven't we been saying "thanks" long enough?  Sure, I understand that our English and French pioneering fore-bearers were lost in a wilderness that, although divinely granted, was nonetheless harsh and unforgiving.  I understand that they needed assistance from an indigenous people that were absent in the knowledge that God granted this land to the Europeans.  But it's been several centuries!  Isn't it time WE stopped saying thanks and THEY started saying it???  As my personal hero, Morpheus, said, "History, it seems, is not without a sense of irony".  After all, it is OUR welfare system and employment insurance and "pro-active" preferential hiring policies that now help THEM to survive!  I say that their gratitude is the LEAST we should be demanding of them!

3) But you know, just to show that I'm not that cynical, maybe they don't have to thank us.  Maybe we can change our tone by changing the name.  Instead of THANKSgiving, lets call it FORgiving.  Indeed, I think it's time that we, the descendants of European beneficiaries of this great continent should get off our high horse and forgive the indians.  Lets let bygones be bygones and forgive them for blaming the firewater when they murdered our daughters, burned Sainte Marie Among the Hurons (the first time), and opportunistically signed land treaties that the British were clearly unable to uphold in the long run.  Lets all remember, that the savages were TAMED!  Surely we can forgive them for their trespasses, as they forgave those who trespassed against them (I think that's how it goes).  So, to all my fellow sons of Europe, lets all go to the nearest indian community (Caledonia or Kasheshewan), and buy them all a coke (or a blue light for those over the age of 12).  Just make sure you make reservations.

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(Anonymous) at 2006-10-04 21:49 (UTC) (Link)


SO, you want us to FORGIVE them, and applogise for what happened to them? Do you remember a long time ago, someone wanted a certain Lemieux rookie card, and it was traded to someone else. I belive that, becuase the trade was in spite, an appology is due. HOWEVER...If I traded your entire collection of pretty beads for my thousand hectares of land, then OOOPS.. mybad. I don't deserve an appology. I think I deserve a labotomy.
As far as changing the name, I dissagree. I think that THANKSgiving is appropriate. THANKS that we werent born into red-skin. The reason this group of people has such a reputation is becuase they ARE that kind of people. Its not racism...it's profiling.
SO, Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to the rest, sorry about your land.
Yours, Sam Douglas
che_ghandi at 2006-10-05 20:07 (UTC) (Link)


You are a retarded jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
che_ghandi at 2006-10-05 20:06 (UTC) (Link)
I thought after i gave you a verbal ass-kicking last week that you would have stayed off the air this week, but I guess your as stupid and don't know when your beat.

Okay i won't even go there regarding the levy increase so youcan drive a hummer. there evil cars that polute and use too much gas you are a jerk. and a hummer isn't "squaller" even oif it's not the newest one. And dumping gas on gardens and playgrounds is just crewl and if i saw you do it i'd kick your ass and have you arrested!

And HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT BUDIZM ISN'T A REAL RELIGION? just because not everyone beleives in jesus like you doesn't mean it's not real. I can't get over how stupid you are!!1

And as for THANKSgiving i can't beleeve that you could possibley think that the Natives should be thanking white people they are the ones who deserve the thanks not forgiving!

And as far as church rules becoming gospel i don't belive in religion it is stupid and no good has ever come of it.

I know you are probabley feeling your ass hurt as you read this because of the further ass kicking and now maybe you'll realize how you are wrong and STAY OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!1 But you prolly won't because your stupid.

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